Unknown - portrait member of Salisbury family

This miniature portrait appears to be unsigned. The sitter is a member of the Salisbury family, but it appears the person who wrote the following inscription made an error, as the sitter is a boy wearing clothes from around 1800 and the inscription relates to a lady. He is probably a brother of Lydia.

However, the inscription is still of interest. "Lydia Ann Salisbury Born 1st January 1812, seventh and youngest child of Samuel Salisbury and Harriet daughter of Joseph Priestly of White Windows Halifax. Her sister Alicia lived in her later years on Castle Hill Lancaster in the house now used as offices by Maxsted (?) Gibson & Sturton (?). Her sister Alicia was the last person in Lancaster to use a sedan chair. Dies 26th Sept 1846.

The Joseph Priestly (1750-1819) referred to appears to have been a justice see Joseph Priestley His home, White Windows, has been a Leonard Cheshire home since 1957 see White Windows .

This is one of five Salisbury portraits. 48

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